OpenSaas specialises Business Coaching
and Process Improvment

OpenSaas can help you design, build, deploy and manage your Business Processes.
We can also help with IT Project Management, Continuous Business Improvement,
Knowledge Management, and Business Design

OpenSaas - your trusted Business Coach

With experience and training in Business Management, Product Development, IT Project Management, and a deep working knowledge of technology we can help you deliver business efficiencies, deveolop your business and product ideas into reality. Through the use of human centred design, design thinking and lean business practices we help develop products, services and businesses that respond to a real need and have this human need at the core of the solution.

Business Coaching

OpenSaas helps you design, market and deliver your product or service that fits your customers needs using Human Centred Design methods

Technology Consulting

OpenSaas specialises in Open Source Technology and Cloud deployments

IT Project Management

OpenSaas uses Agile, Lean and Design Thinking methodologies to deliver projects that fit the need and serve the business on time and within budget

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